Your room key unlocks the breezeway gate.

The security doors at the north and south end of the complex can be opened with a combination that our Managers, Allyn & Melody, can give you.

Allyn & Melody can also show you Hoyochi Nikko's collection of boogie boards, noodles and beach chairs that you are welcome to borrow.

You’ll probably see some geckos crawling around outside – they’re like chameleons. Please don’t harm them – they eat bugs. If they come in your unit, please leave them be – they’ll find their way out.

an instruction manual for unit 205


The wall switch next to the entry door controls the power to the floor lamp next to the living room window. If you use this switch to turn it on and off, it's a nice way to have light when you return in the evening.

Likewise, the wall switch as you enter the bedroom controls the power for the nearest bedside lamp.

The telephone allows only local and 1-800 calls. You need only dial 7 digits for local calls.

The blinds in the master bedroom can be raised or lowered by gently holding the bottom of the blind and raising and lowering it. If you have the window open, please raise the blind so the wind doesn't make it bang up against the window.

The toilet flushes two ways:

1. A short, quick push on the handle gives you a short, quick flush.

2. Hold the handle down and you get a longer flush.


The beige towels are for inside use only.

The door to the toilet "room" can be locked. An emergency key is on a small nail located high in the doorway outside that room. Insert the pin into the hole in the knob and turn it like a regular key to unlock it.

You can unlock the front door to the unit by turning the inner knob button and then turn the inner door knob itself. We recommend you do not leave the unit unlocked (but handy when you take out the garbage at night).

The clothes dryer vents into the room through a lint trap that uses water to catch the lint. Make sure it has water in it.

Please keep the screen doors closed. There are lots of birds and creepy crawlies that can come in through an open door. We would prefer that you be our only "guests".

The passcode for the HN 205 WiFi (called HN205.media) is: bb2bem98

The SONY player can play your music though Bluetooth on your iPod or iPhone.